Individual Subjects

Individual Subjects


Make your struggles disappear! Get ready to be enlightened by all the concepts and formulas.
Understanding materials can never get any easier with us! We provide a fun and engaging environment to help you excel in your science course(s).

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Science 8-10
This program will help you master your skills in all the course topics to ensure a strong foundation for continued success. You will be ready in no time.

Biology, Chemistry, & Physics (11-12)

With a structured outline and flexible teaching style, we can help you overcome your weaker spots with our expertise. In addition, we’ll also prepare you for your tests and provincial exam(s).

Math, Calculus

A program designed just for your needs. It’s time for you to solve and understand that problem.
After assessing your strains and drawbacks, we will tailor a set of math problems and methods just for you.
Learning will be fun with us!

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Pre-calculus, Calculus

We have custom designed techniques to stipulate and tackle your troubled areas in advanced math; enhancing your skills in order to help you succeed in your class.

Math 8-11

Algebra? Exponent? We’ve got you covered from top to bottom. We will help you construct a solid foundation in order for you to achieve your maximum potential!

Reading and Writing

This program is offered in 3 age-specific groups with 3 different levels in each of the groups.
Every student will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level. Students who are deemed as successful by their instructors will be recommended to advance to the next level for maximum results.
This program is offered in three age-specific groups with 3 different levels in each of the groups: Beginner, Novice, and Advanced. Every student is to be assessed in the beginning in order to be placed in the appropriate level. Once class has commenced, students who are deemed as successful by their instructors will be recommended to advance to the next level for maximum results.

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Primary school Reading & Writing High school Reading & Writing  Academic Reading & Writing
Beginner/ Novice/ Advanced

Primary School Reading & Writing

Focuses on developing English proficiency that is catered towards students who are under 13 years of age (grade seven and below). Objectives include development and enhancement of grammar, vocabulary, analytical skills, reading fluency, composition, and so on.

High School Reading & Writing

Caters towards the needs of high school students, aged 13 to 17 (grade eight to twelve). The main emphasis is on producing high-quality essays, ranging from literary analysis to creative writing. The goal of this course is to progressively strengthen student’s literacy skills to a competitive and successful level.

Academic Reading & Writing

Provides an advantageous edge for students who are planning to take tests (eg., SAT, LPI, IELTS, TOEFL) and/or university-level courses (where academic writing is required) by refining and expanding student’s vocabulary, comprehension skills, analytical ability, style of writing, and so forth.

Reading and Writing Program (Grade 10-12)

This program is designed specifically for grade 10, 11, and 12 students. Students will spend 2 hours a week in a lecture-based group class and 1 hour a week in a premium one-on-one class (a total of 3 hours per week).
The lecture-based group class focuses on building sufficient skills to be successful in provincial exams as well as university. Additionally, the premium one-on-one private class focuses on tailoring a personalised plan to aid and support the individual needs of the student. Assessments will be made to place students in the appropriate level.

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Lecture-Based Group Class
(2 hours per week)
Premium one-on-one class
(1 hour per week)
  • Provincial exams
  • Speed writing and reading
  • Academic writing (University)
  • Literary analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Textual referencing and appropriate citations
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing mechanics
  • And more!
  • A supplement class for the lecture-based group class
  • Tailored lesson
  • Identify & eliminate problems
  • University application